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Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2015 + EN ISO 17100:2015. ISO
18587:2017 (Translation services – Post-editing of
machine translation output) in progress.

Quality Assurance

The European Commission’s quality criteria are the
general criteria that we apply at Cillero & de Motta
in order to ensure high quality. For large projects,
this quality process consists of the following
stages: receipt of files; perusal of the
recommended documentation; perusal of the
back-up documentation; assigning a specialist
translator; in-house editing; final quality control:
contents, style, terminology, format.
The project manager opens a permanent
communication channel with the customer,
allowing us to make changes and improvements
quickly and effectively, and to prevent potential
errors. Excellence of the end result is achieved by
our in-house translators acquiring specialised
registers and carrying out meticulous final quality
checks, while our project managers monitor the
quality of the end result to detect any errors and
document them so that they are not repeated.

Quality Handbook

The European Commission’s quality criteria
(external translation unit) are the general criteria we
apply at Cillero & de Motta in order to ensure high
quality. Cillero & de Motta undertakes to submit
work in such a way that the client is not obliged to
carry out any type of subsequent corrections. This
means that a final quality check is always carried
out before documents are submitted, in order to
ensure that a second revision is not necessary, and
that the document may be used as submitted. This
final quality check adheres to the specifications of
the purchase orders, and includes a final revision of
the document, which focuses on content,
faithfulness of the submitted version to the original
and terminological consistency throughout the
text. Strict compliance with submission deadlines is
a must.

Concepts and Methodology

Today translation, which in etymological terms
means causing something to pass from one place
to another, is the art of representing meaning. At
Cillero & de Motta we do not consider a translation
good simply because it has been compiled directly
in html/rtf/sgml/xml format. For us, good
translation means the sort that includes a specific
glossary, one that has been proofread, one whose
final text has undergone a quality control
enhanced with a specialised background file when
a library can be consulted. A translation company
is better when fine details are considered, and it is
even better when needs are understood, and
when solutions are provided. A translation is good
when the final text is edited by specialists in their
native language, specialists who have proven
themselves as a good writer.

The method we use in selecting
freelance translators

At Cillero & de Motta we outsource translation,
editing and proofreading work only to university
degree holders. All the freelancers to whom we
assign work translate into their native language and
have previous relevant experience. In other words,
we do not improvise and we have a pool of
freelance translators, assessed per account,
enabling us to deal with variations in workload and
with urgent assignments. The way to outsource to
the best is to be able to generate attractive
projects. The method we use in selecting freelance
translators is based essentially on our experience of
working with them, the excellence of their work,
their ability to use the necessary tools, their
availability and on the quality of their previous
assignments. We assess their work either by project
or, for those who work on large accounts, by
50,000-word batches. An essential part of our work
as a company consists of keeping our database of
freelance translators up to date, which enables us
to assess the market level, benchmark qualities and
develop a rapport with professionals in the industry.